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November 03, 2014

From the desk of Pastor Tom: Thanksgiving



Can you believe that Thanksgiving is upon us again? We at the People’s City Mission want to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful time of celebration with family and friends and lots of great food!

As the season approaches, however, please know there are greater numbers of people who won’t be part of this holiday. They can’t afford to.

It is hard to imagine there are men, women and children in our community who don’t have the money for a Thanksgiving meal. Even worse, some of them won’t be eating anything at all.

That is partly why I am writing this letter. To let you know the Mission wants to fill the plates of people who are homeless or struggling financially. We are hoping to serve as many as 1,000 turkey dinners this year.

In addition, we plan to give away hundreds of turkeys with all fixings to families in the city living close to (or below) the poverty line.

I am making this request. Would you be willing to support our efforts? A gift of any amount can make a real difference. For example, $2.45 will provide one turkey dinner to someone in need. Just $10 will help a family of four celebrate Thanksgiving this year. And a gift of $250.00 will provide Thanksgiving meals for all the children staying at the Mission.

Whatever you can contribute is greatly appreciated. Just know I am very grateful and thankful for all that God has done for us. Even more, I am optimistic about the future!Again, all of us at the Mission hope you and those you love have a very happy Thanksgiving!

God’s rich blessings to you!

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October 01, 2014

From the desk of Pastor Tom: Domestic Violence, A Growing Issue

In June, Rachael became another statistic to domestic violence. She had been married for almost twelve years trying to make the most of an increasingly abusive situation. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Things finally became too difficult to manage and she was forced to leave home with her six-year old son. They ended up at the People’s City Mission. 

We are working hard to get Rachael back on her feet and into a place of her own. However, it is not easy. With only a high school education and limited work skills she is finding it difficult to get a job. She is despondent at times and very afraid of the future. 

Did you know that over 150 women and children will stay with us tonight and the prevailing reason for them being here are abusive relationships? Sadly, they are not alone. According to the federal government, one in four women across the United States suffer from some form of domestic violence. In Lincoln, that statistic translates to over 30,000 women. If children are included, this number is much higher.  

It is important to realize domestic violence is a growing plague on our society. It even impacts a large number of men coming here. Many of them struggle with drug or alcohol addictions partly because of some type of abuse in their past. And, there are not enough available resources in our community to effectively deal with this problem.   

Just know the Mission is very committed to helping these victims turn their lives around. The first thing we do is to try and make staying here a positive experience. Also, we let them know there are people in our community who care deeply about their situation. And we assure them this crisis is not their fault. That God loves them and will care for them as they move forward.

But I am asking you to help in our efforts. The cost of running Lincoln’s only large homeless shelter has increased significantly in the past several years and we really need additional financial support. Any size gift you can give is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your kindness and partnership with us. Together we can make a difference in the lives of many hurting people! 

God’s rich blessings to you!

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September 01, 2014

From the desk of Pastor Tom

Medical problems can be a terrifying thing when you don’t have health insurance! Take Ted for example (not his actual name). He was having extreme abdominal pain and had gone to the emergency room. They diagnosed him with an upset stomach and gave him something for the pain. But his pain persisted, and being uninsured, Ted didn’t know what to do. Eventually he came to our free clinic where one of our volunteer doctors examined him more closely and realized his condition was actually very serious. They got Ted readmitted back to the hospital and it was discovered he had an infarction of the kidney due to a blood clot. If he had not received proper medical attention right away his condition could have led to acute kidney failure and even death. 

Unfortunately Ted is not alone in his inability to get needed medical care. There are thousands of individuals in Lancaster County who don’t have health insurance. Many people think the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) has largely taken care of this problem. In fact it has not. 

Contrary to popular belief the ACA does not provide universal access to health care. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that 31 million Americans will still remain uninsured following the full and successful implementation of the ACA. Based the progress in implementing this program so far, it may be years before the ACA is fully in place. 

For instance, Free and Charitable Clinics across the U.S. have seen a 40% increase demand over the last two years. Unfortunately, they have also experienced a 20% decrease in support due to people believing that access to health care for the poor is now resolved. (Read more at

Our free clinic is experiencing similar trends. The number of patients we see has increased dramatically over the last several years and direct support for this ministry has diminished by almost half. We are now supporting it largely through general donations. 

But to keep this clinic going we need help. This program costs almost $250,000 a year to operate. We receive no government assistance, Medicare or Medicaid, Insurance, or support from local grant funders. We depend completely on volunteerism and contributions from the public. Would you consider helping us keep this important work going? It is literally saving lives in our city. 

Thanks so much for your support and partnership! We are very fortunate to be part of a community with so many people who have such a heartfelt concern for those in need! 

God richly bless you! 

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