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November 15, 2015

Become the 'Thanks' in Someone Else's Thanksgiving

Guest Author: Brian Thomas, PCM Chaplain

Thanksgiving Day is nearly here.

Before the rush of the holiday, close your eyes for a moment and imagine that day. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel?

There’s a parade of holiday delicacies as it gets closer to meal time. There’s a hum of conversation about children and school, work and football. There’s an anticipation building as family members arrive from near and far.

Now, imagine that day without a home in which to gather with family and friends. Imagine that day without the luxury of a kitchen or oven at your disposal. Imagine that day without money enough to purchase a turkey.

Imagine the holiday like that and realize that this is the Thanksgiving reality of hundreds of people in our community. This year, between 250-300 people will eat their Thanksgiving meal at People’s City Mission. While we can’t give them all a nice home in which to gather, we can make Thanksgiving a very special day.

Imagine three hundred of Lincoln’s poorest residents, most of them homeless, sitting down to a Thanksgiving feast similar to the one your family will be eating. There are solitary men and women gathering around a table. Mothers placing children in high chairs. Watch as caring volunteers serve them at their tables, refilling their glasses, offering another helping of turkey or a slice of pie, clearing away dishes, doing whatever they can to make this day special.

It can’t replace the joy of spending the day in your own home, cooking your own meal and enjoying it with your own guests. But it’s the next best thing, and for many in our community, it’s all they have.

At People’s City Mission, we want Thanksgiving to be a day of joy for everyone, but we need your help. Here are some of the ways you can serve the impoverished and homeless during this holiday:

·      This week, we need turkeys – 28 to be exact.

·      Next week, before Thanksgiving Day, drop off a prebaked pie or rolls. We will serve more than 100 pies on Thanksgiving Day.

·      Can’t make it out to the mission? Any time before Thanksgiving, donate $2.50 to buy a meal for someone in need. Ten dollars will provide a Thanksgiving meal for a family of four.

Be the THANKS in someone else’s Thanksgiving. Support People’s City Mission.

October 01, 2015

'Shop-the-Lot' Clothing Giveaway

Shop-the-Lot is an event for the homeless and impoverished in Lincoln to be able to stock up on clothing for the fall and winter! We have been so blessed by the donations from the community of Lincoln, we are able to give away 'unlimited' amounts of clothing! 

We know this event will bless so many!  

August 17, 2015

Haulers Helping the Homeless: Clothing Recycling Program Update

Haulers Helping Homeless: Is Officially Lauched! 

The ‘Haulers Helping Homeless’ recycling program has officially launched, and we are so excited! Starting this month, participating Garbage Haulers* will pick up marked bags of clothing, shoes, purses, and textiles for us to recycle, right from your curb! 

This program will not only help us continue to fund our services to the homeless and impoverished in Lincoln, but it will also help keep unnecessary waste out of our landfills!


1. Gather your clothing, wearable items and textiles and put them in a garbage bag. (These items can by in ANY condition.)

2. Place a 'Haulers Helping Homeless' tag on each bag of items to recycle. (The tags can be found at any Russ's Market, Hy-Vee and SuperSaver in Lincoln.)   

3. Put your marked bags out on the curb (or next to your normal garbage) the same day as your garbage pick-up. (Make sure the tags are visible and are set apart from your garbage. Please note, these bags may or many not be picked up by the same garbage truck that picks up your garbage, so please leave the bags out for the day.) 

Displays are up in every Hy-Vee, SuperSaver and Russ’s Markets in town, so look for them to get your green tags! 

*To see a full list of participating Garbage Haulers, click here.

(And if you think of it, find a way to tell your Garbage Hauler ‘thank you’ for participating in this program!) 


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