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May 11, 2015

Camp E.D.E.F.Y. 2015 - Needs

[ CAMP EDEFY: May 19- August 7th ]

Would you like to help make a difference in a child’s life this summer?

CAMP EDEFY is the educational program for the kids staying at PCM. (E.D.E.F.Y. stands for Encouragement, Discipleship, Evangelism and Fellowship for Youth.)

The program runs every afternoon in the summer. Activities include lessons, bible stories, crafts, basketball games, cultural outings, horseback riding, swimming, and much more! The activities and lessons are focused in the areas of Faith, Culture, Recreation, Science, Art and Music. The program is for kids in k-5th grades.

Many of the children at People's City Mission, who range in age from toddler to high school, are at-risk and socially or economically disadvantaged.

These children come from broken homes and know the sting of abuse. Our summer program gives these children the chance to have fun, escape their stressful situations and a give a chance to learn and grow.

** We are looking to fill a few needs for this special summer program. **

1. Volunteer/Mentor help on Wednesdays throughout the summer

2. Volunteers to provide snacks for a week of the EDEFY Camp (there are 11 weeks of the program, you can sign up to provide snacks for one week or multiple weeks.)

 - This summer, Camp EDEFY has a jungle/animal theme, and with that theme in mind, we have some fun and creative snack ideas! :) Some are super simple, and some are a little more involved - we want it to be fun for you as well as for the kids, so wherever your heart is to give, it is most welcome! Johanna has a list of snack ideas for each week, and will work with you to finalize a snack plan. 

Here's an example of the first week's snack ideas: Animal Crackers, Fruit Salad ('Safari Dip Elephant Grub'), No-bake cookies ('Praire Dog Snacks'), Zebra Cakes (Little Debbie)

- Week 1: May 25-29
- Week 2: June 1-5
- Week 3: June 8-12
- Week 4: June 15-19
- Week 5: June 22-26
- Week 6: June 29-July 3
- Week 7: July 6-10
- Week 8: July 13-17
- Week 9: July 20-24
- Week 10: July 27-31
- Week 11: August 3-7  

If you want to sign up to help with snacks or if you have time to volunteer with our kids this summer, contact Johanna Lynch via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 402.475.1303 (Wednesday-Sunday).



May 07, 2015

Road Dedication: May 14th, 2015

This year, the City of Lincoln completed a project that had been years in the making– paving the 1st Street to the Mission and Q Street in front of the Mission. The final sidewalks were completed this spring, and we cannot be more thrilled! These paved areas allow our guests, staff and volunteers to travel on safe and clean surfaces every day–we are so thankful!

This Thursday, May 14th at 10:00am, we will be dedicating our newly paved roads with a ribbon cutting ceremony. We'd love for you to come celebrate with us and thank all who championed the cause! 


April 21, 2015

A Final Resting Place for the Homeless

Guest Author: Brian Thomas, PCM Chaplain 

Everyone wants to be remembered. Everyone wants to believe that they will not be forgotten when they die. For many homeless persons, this is actually something they think about. 'Will anyone remember me when I am gone? Will anyone notice or care?' The reality of death is something that the chronically homeless have witnessed up close. Every year, I maintain a list of names of those who die homeless in our community. It’s only April, but I already have seven names on my list. 

This morning I was talking to one of our guests, a chronically homeless man, approaching his seventh decade of life. He’s the one who brought it up. “How’s that project out back coming along?”

“You mean the memorial garden?” I asked.

“Yeah, how’s that coming?”

I told him about our plans to put up a fence, plant trees, flowers and shrubs, and build a wall – a wall inscribed with the names of homeless men and women. I told him about our efforts to raise the funds to buy the materials. Then I asked what he thought about the project.

“I think it’s a good idea. A real good idea.”

My homeless friend is probably more sensitive to the topic than most. His health is failing. He’s not as strong as he used to be. He sits in the homeless shelter, taking breathing treatments several times a day. And then, there’s the burden of what happened six weeks ago – his friend said he wasn’t feeling well and lay down to take a nap. He never woke up.

Everyone wants to be remembered, but what about those who don’t have the money to pre-plan their own funeral, buy a cemetery plot and headstone?  What about those who have no family to write a eulogy or epitaph? What about them? Does anyone remember that their life mattered?

I have in my possession the ashes of a man who spent decades as a hobo – a train rider, with no family, no home, no roots. Somehow he landed in Lincoln. At the People’s City Mission he got sober, got a job, and then, for the first time in many years, he got an apartment of his own. When he died, he had no resources, so People’s City Mission became the heir of his ashes. Who will remember him if we do not?

At People’s City Mission, we have an idea that we think will help our community remember that every life matters. We envision a garden, bordered by a white picket fence, shaded by trees that burn golden in the autumn air, scented with flowers that bloom in the spring sunshine, benches that welcome those with tired feet to rest and remember those who died homeless. The centerpiece of the garden is a red brick wall. On the wall are the names of those men and women who died homeless. Homeless, not forgotten. Homeless in life, not in death.

We are going to build a garden, but we can’t do it without your help. We intend to use volunteer labor for the construction and landscaping, but we need cash to purchase the materials. Will you help us remember the homeless?   

If you want to help with our Memorial Garden project, please contact Pastor Tom Barber at 402.475.1303 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



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