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September 01, 2014

From the desk of Pastor Tom

Medical problems can be a terrifying thing when you don’t have health insurance! Take Ted for example (not his actual name). He was having extreme abdominal pain and had gone to the emergency room. They diagnosed him with an upset stomach and gave him something for the pain. But his pain persisted, and being uninsured, Ted didn’t know what to do. Eventually he came to our free clinic where one of our volunteer doctors examined him more closely and realized his condition was actually very serious. They got Ted readmitted back to the hospital and it was discovered he had an infarction of the kidney due to a blood clot. If he had not received proper medical attention right away his condition could have led to acute kidney failure and even death. 

Unfortunately Ted is not alone in his inability to get needed medical care. There are thousands of individuals in Lancaster County who don’t have health insurance. Many people think the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) has largely taken care of this problem. In fact it has not. 

Contrary to popular belief the ACA does not provide universal access to health care. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that 31 million Americans will still remain uninsured following the full and successful implementation of the ACA. Based the progress in implementing this program so far, it may be years before the ACA is fully in place. 

For instance, Free and Charitable Clinics across the U.S. have seen a 40% increase demand over the last two years. Unfortunately, they have also experienced a 20% decrease in support due to people believing that access to health care for the poor is now resolved. (Read more at

Our free clinic is experiencing similar trends. The number of patients we see has increased dramatically over the last several years and direct support for this ministry has diminished by almost half. We are now supporting it largely through general donations. 

But to keep this clinic going we need help. This program costs almost $250,000 a year to operate. We receive no government assistance, Medicare or Medicaid, Insurance, or support from local grant funders. We depend completely on volunteerism and contributions from the public. Would you consider helping us keep this important work going? It is literally saving lives in our city. 

Thanks so much for your support and partnership! We are very fortunate to be part of a community with so many people who have such a heartfelt concern for those in need! 

God richly bless you! 

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August 25, 2014

Get Local Deals and Help PCM Through Pickit

People's City Mission is now a non-profit you can support through Pickit!  What is Pickit? Good question!

Pickit is a mobile app you can download to your smart phone (iPhone or Android), and it connects you with deals from local businesses. The best part is, every time you redeem a Pick-it deal at a business, that business will donate to the charity you've selected. (You can watch a quick video here:

Here are just a few of the deals you can get through Pickit: 
- RUNZA: $1 off a value meal or $1 off a salad
- SCOOTERS: $.50 off a specialty drink, $1 off a yogurt
- NEBRASKA BOOKSTORE: $25 off a $75 purchase
- SUN VALLEY LANES: BOGO Free game of bowling
- Check out the app to see all the deals! 

The amount the charity gets per visit is listed at the top of each merchant's page (it ranges from $.30 - $3.00 per QR scan). 

So, encourage your friends and family to download the Pickit app, save some money, and support PCM! To download the app to your phone, just click this link (from your mobile device): or search 'Pickit Mobile' in your app store. 

August 01, 2014

From the desk of Pastor Tom: Supporting Kids

Imagine being a young child getting ready for school to start.
Like many kids, you’re excited about attending new classes, connecting with your friends, and getting involved with sports and other social activities. 

There’s just one problem: you are staying in a homeless shelter. Your dad has abandoned you and mom is trying to right the ship, looking for work and finding a place to live. She has no money for buying new shoes or clothing, athletic gear or school supplies. You are going to have to do without. 

Unfortunately, there are well over 50 of kids staying with us right now facing that very dilemma. Their worlds have been turned upside down due to no fault of their own. And school is looking like another challenge to overcome. It’s a lot of stress for six and seven year old children to deal with. 

Fortunately, they may not have to. We are gearing up to provide kids at both the shelter and Homeless Prevention Center with much-needed supplies, including backpacks, shoes and clothing. But we need your help to make this happen. 

Do you have children’s clothing and/or shoes that are in good condition and would be willing to donate them to us? Many people have been dropping off quality items at our Homeless Prevention Center, but not much in the way of children’s apparel. Especially clothing for 5 -8 year olds. 

Of course this outreach will also require additional spending and that is why we really need strong financial support this month. All the supplies we plan to provide these children are funded through donations from the general public. 

We desperately want our kids to have a great school year. Would you help us make that happen? Any amount you can give will be of great value to these young people. 

Thanks so much for your prayers and support. Just know they are making a real difference! 

God’s rich blessings to you!

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