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August 17, 2015

Haulers Helping the Homeless: Clothing Recycling Program Update

Haulers Helping Homeless: Is Officially Lauched! 

The ‘Haulers Helping Homeless’ recycling program has officially launched, and we are so excited! Starting this month, participating Garbage Haulers* will pick up marked bags of clothing, shoes, purses, and textiles for us to recycle, right from your curb! 

This program will not only help us continue to fund our services to the homeless and impoverished in Lincoln, but it will also help keep unnecessary waste out of our landfills!


1. Gather your clothing, wearable items and textiles and put them in a garbage bag. (These items can by in ANY condition.)

2. Place a 'Haulers Helping Homeless' tag on each bag of items to recycle. (The tags can be found at any Russ's Market, Hy-Vee and SuperSaver in Lincoln.)   

3. Put your marked bags out on the curb (or next to your normal garbage) the same day as your garbage pick-up. (Make sure the tags are visible and are set apart from your garbage. Please note, these bags may or many not be picked up by the same garbage truck that picks up your garbage, so please leave the bags out for the day.) 

Displays are up in every Hy-Vee, SuperSaver and Russ’s Markets in town, so look for them to get your green tags! 

*To see a full list of participating Garbage Haulers, click here.

(And if you think of it, find a way to tell your Garbage Hauler ‘thank you’ for participating in this program!) 

June 26, 2015

Haulers Helping the Homeless: Clothing Recycling Program

People’s City Mission & Lincoln’s Garbage Haulers Announce Clothing Recycling Program Haulers Helping The Homeless, First of Its Kind in Nation

LINCOLN, NE – The People’s City Mission, the largest provider of shelter to the homeless in Lincoln, is teaming up with the city’s garbage haulers to provide curbside recycling of unwanted clothing.

According to Pastor Tom Barber, Haulers Helping the Homeless will begin in August and turn donated unwanted clothing into cash donations to support the Mission’s services.

“Beginning in August garbage haulers will start picking up bagged clothing, shoes, pursues, belts and other textiles at residential curbsides. Items in these bags will then be recycled with the proceeds being used to feed and shelter the homeless and near homeless in Lincoln,” Pastor Tom said.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, only 15 percent of unwanted clothing and shoes nationwide is donated or recycled in traditional methods (charity, drop off bins), while 85 percent goes in the trash. The EPA equates this to 70 pounds of discarded clothing per person per year, which would mean Lincoln residents throw away more than 18 million pounds of clothing per year, based on the city’s population.

“I want to commend both the People’s City Mission and the Lincoln Solid Waste and Recycling Association for coming together on this initiative. This curbside clothing-recycling program addresses at least two of our local challenges. By reducing waste and helping to extend the life of Lincoln’s landfill, this effort will also help to feed Lincoln’s homeless. This effort is simply a win-win for our entire community, and I applaud everyone involved,” said Mayor Chris Beutler.

Steve Hatten, owner of Paragon Sanitation and past president of the Lincoln Solid Waste and Recycling Association, agreed the new program would be a positive on several fronts.

“Our members have a long-time commitment to making Lincoln one of the cleanest cities in the nation. Considering 85 percent of all textiles end up in landfills, all of us can do a better job of looking for ways to recycle and re-purpose clothing. Haulers Helping the Homeless will provide support to those less fortunate and have a positive impact on the environment. It’s a win-win for everyone,” Hatten said.

The program will begin in August with each individual garbage hauler setting collection days. Most companies are expected to participate and will most likely collect clothing on the same days as current trash service in each neighborhood they serve. Residents are encouraged to contact their hauler for more information.

Residents are asked to place unwanted clothing items in trash bags and tie a green “recycling ribbon” to it for easy identification. The recycling ribbons can be obtained for free at any Hy-Vee, Super Saver or Russ’s Market. Place the bag out on the scheduled day for pick up.

For those who want to give their clothing directly to needy individuals in our community instead of recycling them, the People’s City Mission suggests dropping unwanted clothing and other household items off at their Toss Boxes located in numerous locations across the city.

“With encouragement and support from local city government, this innovative collaboration between various interest groups illustrates how communities can use new approaches in solving important social issues and shows why Lincoln is one of the best U.S. cities in which to live,” Pastor Tom said.

June 01, 2015

Hot Dogs for the Homeless Fundraiser

Come join us on June 20th from 12-2pm at The Shoppes at Piedmont f
or the inaugural Nebraska Hot Dog Eating Championship! 

All proceeds will benefit the programs and services at People's City Mission.  

Come out to The Shoppes at Piedmont (Cotner and A) at noon to watch the Nebraska Celebrities battle for dominance in the world of competitive eating with Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs. 
Our very own Pastor Tom will be competing in this competition, and he really needs your help! (The more money he raises, the less hot dogs he has to eat! :)


Competitive advantages will be given to each celebrity based on the amount they fundraise for the Mission. 

Fundraising Levels: (Total raised by individual contestant)

$500 = Add 0:30 (6:30 total)

$1,000 = Add another 0:30 (7:00 total)

$1,500 = back to 6:00 but you are allowed to give 4 hot dogs to the audience and count them as your own.

$2,500 = 1.5 Multiplier for each hot dog eaten

$4,000 = Switch with a fresh eater halfway through


Click here to learn more about the event and support the celebrities participating!

They need your support, and the money given will go directly to help the homeless and impoverished in Lincoln! 



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