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February 24, 2015

PT Ponders: Assumptions

“As a face is reflected in the water, so a person is reflected by his or her heart?” (Proverbs 27:19)

I once heard a funny story about some traveler who, between flights, bought a newspaper and small package of cookies at the airport terminal. She then went over, sat down in front of her gate, and began reading the paper. As she did, she became aware of a rustling noise. Peeking above the newsprint she was shocked to see a well-dressed businessman, sitting across from her, helping himself to her cookies. Half angry and half embarrassed she reached over and quickly slid the package closer to her, then took one out and began to munch on it. A minute or so passed before she heard more rustling. The man had taken another cookie from her!

By now there was only one left in the package. She was flabbergasted. However, not wanting to make a scene, she said nothing to him. Finally, in a last act that added insult to injury, the man broke the remaining cookie in two, pushed one piece across the table toward her, and with a frown gulped down his half. Then he left without even saying thank you. She sat there dumbfounded.

Some time later, when her flight was announced, the woman opened her handbag to get her ticket. To her shock, there in her purse was her package of unopened cookies. And she realized that somewhere out there was a bewildered traveler trying to understand how some strange woman could be act so aggressively and rudely with his cookies.

Assumptions make for funny stories ...but sometimes they can cause more serious consequences. So take a moment every so often to simply recheck things. Have a second look at what you think is going on around you. And make sure your views are truly based in reality.

It might just keep the wrong cookies out of your mouth!    


February 02, 2015

Memorial Service for Douglas Embree

A special memorial service will be held honoring the life of Douglas Embree who passed away on Saturday, January 31, 2015. 
Please join us in honoring the life of our guest and friend. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

People's City Mission, Shelter Chapel
110 Q Street


Below is an exerpt from Channel 8 News coverage, see the full artcle here

"It just crushed me," said People's City Mission Facilities Director Christian Thompson.  "It's sad, it really is.  Once he met you, he knew you.  He would hunt you down, just to see how your day was.  He just had a heart of gold."

Embree had stayed at People's City Mission, on and off, over the last several years.  And according to staff, the 60 year-old transient was working to try and turn his life around in recent months.

“I actually spoke with him about a week ago," Thompson said.  "He was so proud he had four months under his belt sober.  He was just really proud and really eager to let me know that and let me know he was doing good.”

“We all knew him quite well so I think we're all brokenhearted," said People's City Mission CEO Tom Barber.  "We're going to do a service for him, I think, at the Mission to help some of our guys get closure."

January 01, 2015

From the desk of Pastor Tom: New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! Can you believe we made it to 2015?! Now is the time for us to create new plans, set new goals, and perhaps make a few changes in our lives.

In working with people over many years, however, I have found New Years resolutions are hard goals for most to accomplish. So I thought this might be a good time to share a few simple steps that can help make New Year resolutions come true…

1. Keep the number of resolutions small. In fact, it’s usually best to make just one. The truth is change is difficult for all of us. And it rarely comes about without a lot of hard effort. Too many goals will cause you to fail and eventually give up.

2. Break a resolution down into small, doable steps. Remember, you have a full year to accomplish things so take your time and make changes slowly. Write down a simple plan that creates actionable steps you can actually accomplish.

3. Plan for some ups and downs. Please know this up-front, you are going to fail. Probably more than once. But that’s ok. If you just keep going and don’t give up, you will likely succeed in the end. Here is why: Time is on your side!

4. Tell others what you are doing. Peer pressure works! Letting people know what you are doing can create a sense of accountability and help motivate you to finish. We all care about what other people think of us. And that is a useful tool for you.

Hope you find these steps helpful! And while making your New Year resolutions, please consider how you might help the less fortunate in our community. There are so many ways to get involved and make a difference, especially in connecting with the Mission.

Consider serving meals or mentoring children. Maybe you can help give away food, clothing and other key items to thousands of needy people. Or you could work at our Free Medical Clinic and aid those who are struggling financially and uninsured.

Perhaps you would consider supporting us financially? People who are homeless have a particularly difficult time during the cold winter months, and the Mission is their primary lifeline. We are in great need of monetary donations during this season.

However this year finds you, just know we are very thankful for your support of our efforts to the homeless and impoverished. All of us here at the Mission wish you and your loved ones a very happy and prosperous 2015! 

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